Saturday, January 9, 2010

Olive Garden Experience!

This post has already been posted to my other blogsite which I discontinued. I just reposted it here.

Olive Garden is an Italian Restaurant. Well, it is my hubby’s most favorite restaurant ever. Whenever we go to Reno, we always plan to go there but we always end up eating in Manila Hongkong Kitchenette because they served Filipino foods there.

Hubby, my teenagers and I went to Reno last Tuesday and we stayed there overnight so we had plenty of time to go anywhere we want to. We lunched out in Manila Hongkong Kitchenette and we dined out in Olive Garden Restaurant.

We hardly got a parking space when we arrived there. There were so many people in the lobby patiently waiting for their turn to be accommodated. Hubby assured me that the foods there are worth the wait. Hmmm. Whatever. When we got inside the building, someone standing in the front greeted us and ask hubby’s name and then gave us a round pager that blinks and vibrates when they are ready to accommodate us. What a fancy pager, huh? We don’t have like that in the Philippines. Anyway, we stayed in the lobby and waited for 20 minutes.

When the pager blinked and vibrated, we went inside. Somebody took us to a vacant table. A waiter named Bill introduced himself and served us a bowl of fresh green salad and freshly baked bread sticks. Wow… I was really drooling that time. Then he introduced the Wine of the Night and asked us if we would want to try it. Free. We declined. He gave us the Menu. I ordered raspberry lemonade for my drink. Hubby and my teenagers ordered soda for their drinks. We ordered chicken flat bread as appetizer. I ordered Chicken Marsala. Hubby ordered Tour of Italy. Jen wanted Chicken Alfredo Fettuccine, Jun ordered Stuffed Chicken Marsala. The appetizer was served right away.

While munching the fresh salad and eating the bread sticks and the chicken flat bread, my eyes wandered around. There were different kinds of bottled wine properly displayed in the corner. The waiters wore white long sleeved shirt with necktie paired with black dress pants. They were very pleasant to all customers and they knew their job pretty well. They seemed well trained. And the customers looked happy and contended with the foods and the service.

When the main dish was served, wow, we ate like there was no tomorrow! I love the grilled potatoes and grilled green and red bell pepper in my Chicken Marsala. Hubby noticed that Jen ate allot too! Jun loved his foods and he ate with serious manner. Hubby enjoyed his choice. He had fettuccini, special lasagna and chicken with fresh Parmesan cheese grated at our table in his Tour of Italy dish.

For the first time, we really enjoyed all the foods that we ordered! I almost forgot to mention that we ordered Black Tie Mousse Cake for our dessert. But we were too full so we took it as "to go" or "take out".

Finally, Bill gave us choco mint to complement our meal. Hubby gave him a big tip.

We were all happy when we left the place. We had a sumptuous meal and we got excellent service! I rated them 9.99 in a scale of 1-10 but hubby said to make it a perfect 10 instead, I agreed. 

It was such a nice experience!

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