Friday, January 8, 2010


I have been working graveyard for a year and I have never had to have a "wake-up" call from the hotel, until last night. Whew, that was so embarassing!

I work 5 nights a week. During my first 3 months, everything was okey. I go to bed right after I got off work. The following months, I started to have difficulty to fall asleep so I took sleeping pills. At first I tried Melatonin but it didn't work for me so I tried the other kind of sleeping pills, the generic one and it worked. Since I am aware that taking sleeping pills is not good, as much as possible I refrain from taking them all the time. Everything was going smoothly.

The other day was different, I slept for 4 hours only and I hardly survived that night. God, I was sooo sleepy at work that made me a little crazy so I decided to take pills before I went to bed. Since I was out of pills, I bought another box and this time I tried the Tylenol Pm Simply Sleep. I took 2 caplets. I set my alarm then I hit the bed. It was around 11:00am. The next thing I knew, hubby who's enjoying his day off, woke me up, he was half- awake too, and he was telling me that my workmate Melinda just called asking about me. And my reaction was, "WHAAAAT?" Then I looked at the clock, it was 11:06pm already. I was like lightning, jolted from the bed and called the hotel to say that I'll be right there. I washed and dressed up. I grabbed my toothpaste and toothbrush and went off. When I got at the hotel, I was 22 minutes late. After the adrenalin rush, my body was trembling and my head was so heavy. I was still groggy. Wow, Tylenol PM really knocked me out! It cost me a mug of coffee before everything went ok. I brushed my teeth when I got my break, put some lipstick and I said, "Now, I am ready for work"! the hotel cashier said I was funny, hehehe!

Lesson learned. Next time I will only take 1 caplet. Hubby was sorry that he himself fell asleep in the couch. He said he was preparing spaghetti for my "baon" and he watched TV afterwards then fell asleep. It was not his fault of course. It was my fault, err.. my alarm clock's fault, I mean, Tylenol Pm's fault, whatever.

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