Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Little Girl Turned 19!

Time flies really fast.

It was like only last year when I brought her in this world thru my belly, hehehe, I mean, thru Caesarian Section. She got many firsts and "onlies". She is my first child. She is my parents’ first grandkid. She is my parents-in-law’s first legitimate grand daughter. She is her biological father’s only legitimate daughter. She got an older half sister and got 2 younger half sisters. She is Jun's only ligitimate sister. And she is her daddy’s first and only daughter.

It was like only last month when I sent her and her brother to school every weekday morning. Gone were the days when I took them across the highway to wait for a tricycle to get a ride. Gone were the days when I competed with other parents during the entrance tests for SPED Class during her elementary years. Gone were the days when I went to school sometimes to bring her food for lunch and literally feed her . She was and until now a slow eater.

It was like only last week when she went to high school. She belonged to a Special Science Class section. One thing that I couldn’t forget during her high school days is when she shared about the “cheating scandal” inside their classroom during Periodical Exams in Filipino Subject. It was the first time that she shared something that kind of “bad’ and I really sensed that she was really affected about it. I thought she was really involved in the truest sense of the word but I was happy that she was able to get herself out of the trouble. She said she felt guilty so she didn’t continue to cheat even if 98% of her classmates was doing the same. And she was able to justify it to her teacher and her teacher believed her, I guess, based on her score. I was too proud of her for doing it. She’s my girl!

It was like only the other day when she went to college in Bohol. She played basketball during the school’s Foundation Day and she was proud to tell me that she was able to get scores. During the Sinulog Festival in Cebu, she asked permission to go there. Of course I said NO for safety reason. I guess she hated me that time. I knew it. But my decision was final. When I say NO, that means NEVER. And she knew that.

It was like only yesterday when we celebrated her 18th birthday together with her high school friends and classmates in the Philippines. I wanted to hold a debut party for her because I believed that it is usually every girl’s dream but she declined. She just wanted a simple celebration. I guess she just didn’t want to wear gown, that’s all. She invited all her classmates and friends and we held it in the neighboring resort. There were many guests came and that made her special day, indeed, very special.

On her 19th birthday, it was a real different from last year‘s celebration. Daddy just bought a triple chocolate mousse birthday cake. Nathalie and Jaka came over. She got a cp with walkman, Twilight DVD and a box of Hot Cars. We watched WATCHMEN movie together as mom and daughter bonding. And it was a funny experience because when we got inside the movie house, there were only 3 people in there. And the movie took so long, like 2 and a half hours but there were only seven of us all in all. When we left the movie house, I was laughing out loud! I remember hubby shared his experience in that movie house. He said that he was alone. As in alone. No one was there except him. He said its okey if they wont play it for him but the movie house staff was persistent, they said they will play it for him because he paid for it. Geez!

Anyway, inside the movie house, there was a daring scene and as usual, I told Jen to close her eyes, and I even blocked her sight with my right hand. She said, “I am not a girl anymore Ma”. Hahaha! I forgot that she is already more than 18! But I still want her to be my little girl!

When we got home, hubby told something to Jen but I didn’t really hear the detail but I heard her said “ I am already 19 years old dad, and I can marry without your permission” then she hugged him and grinned. Her dad just reacted funny. Waaah! I am already an old gal!

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