Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Worries

I am waiting for my sister right now to come online so I browse my friendster account to check my blog and I feel like typing for a new post.

My son Jun just drove me to a nearby shop earlier. He already had DMV Driver License last Tuesday. He took the Driving Test once and he passed it right away. I feel so envy that my children had already their driver license. They would come back to the Philippines sooner and I dont know what I am gonna do without them if hubby is at work.

Who would take me to work and who would pick me up from work?

I've got an Instruction Permit and I already know how to drive but I just don't have the nerve to take the Driving test. Just having thoughts to have someone from DMV Office behind me giving intructions and taking down notes while I am driving makes me really feel nervous. No, I am not ready yet. I am sure of that.

Last month when my kids and hubby went to the Immigration Office in Reno for Biometrics, I called Nathalie early in the morning if she could pick me up since we help each other and she gladly said yes. It was snowing that time. I felt embarrassed afterwards when Randy came with her. I didn't know that he would also come , I should have called a cab instead. And I promised I would never call Nath anymore should I need help hehehe!

On the other hand, that time, my son and hubby called once in awhile to know if I made it home safe and sound. They were too worried of me.

When it comes to driving, I admit I am recreant.

I have lots of issues and concerns when my kids are gone but this time, I am more concerned on my ride to and from my work :).

Just my little worries.

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