Sunday, April 14, 2019

Japan Online Seller: Rodena Azarias Shinkawa


This girl has made live selling a career. Most buyers and viewers call her "Manay". She owns a shop in Manila and now owns a website and she has the most numbers of followers, viewers and buyers among FB live sellers I knew. She has created a Facebook group where she would do live auctions solely for resellers. Most of her items are sold out every time she is on live.

I bought my first online purchase thru Facebook live selling from her. It was a Louis Vuitton Saumur 30 sling bag. The transaction was smooth until I noticed that I had given her the wrong zip code and the bag was dropped off the post office already. I panicked and sent her private message right away and guess what, she took care of it promptly. I got my bag on the mail and it was inside a Louis Vuitton dust bag, I remember there was no inclusion when I purchased it. That was really nice of her!

There have been no items I purchased from her since then because it was becoming hard to compete with whole sellers/ resellers from Philippines and considering the time difference, it is really hard to catch her on live.

If you are interested in buying luxurious items from Japan for personal use or for reselling purposes, she is the person you want to do business with. You name it, she will find it for you. Aside from Facebook, she can be found on Instagram and I have not followed her yet because I am not an Instagram person, but if you ever search her name, I am sure you would find her. Beware of fake accounts though, many times her Facebook account had been copied and, hacked.

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