Monday, March 4, 2019

Japan Online Seller: Marvi Joy Buico

This is a screen shot taken from one of his videos on Facebook.

It was Marvin Joy Buico and his mom Sheila Marie Ikema from Osaka, Japan who kind of introduced me to pre-loved items from Japan. I somehow bumped into them on Facebook and initially enjoyed watching them together. I got really hooked when I learned that they are originally came from Kanaway, Surigao del Norte, a few hours from my birthplace Bangonay, Jabonga, Agusan del Norte. 

Marvin and his mom do not really look like mother and son. They look like they are siblings. They are really good entertainers because they can sing and dance. Their favorite background song is Material Girl by Madonna and eventually, Marvin indeed became a "Material Girl" and he doesn't deny it. We are friends on Facebook and I had seen the evolution of him in the material world.

At some point, I wanted to buy this fabulous Louis Vuitton bag from him but he always has too many buyers with high speed internet connection compared to mine so there was no way I could compete. I did not try again because I have had found several live sellers along the way. But whenever he is live during my free time, I still would watch him to get entertained.

If you wanted to watch his live video to see his high end items, just find him on Facebook. The last time I know he had reached 5K friends already and cannot add anymore, or was it his mom, I am a little confuse now. 

But hey, thank you for reading my post, I appreciate it a lot.

Have a good one!

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