Thursday, October 27, 2016

I Voted Early! Proud American Here!

Yep, I have already exercised my right as a US Citizen by voting early. It was my second time, the first time was years ago right after I became a citizen. 

Voting in the US is just amazing, at least where I lived. There is no long queues. We were the only voters in the courthouse. Just amazingly hassle-free.  We just showed our Driver's License and Voter's registration card, affixed our signature, took the card that handed to us to start the voting machine, chose the names of the candidates, answered yes or no questions, reviewed everything and  finalized it. Voila! We were done in less than five minutes!

You can cast your vote by mail like what my stepson and his wife did in Arizona and you can vote early like what my husband and I did. 

Good luck to the candidates I voted for!

Thanks for dropping by. Have a good one!

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