Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stampin' Up Class

did not have an idea about this Stampin' Up Class when my new found friend Lisa called me and asked me if I would like to attend, nevertheless, I confirmed I would.

And so I learned that stampin' up is crafting like scrapbooking. I was introduced to everyone and I noticed that most of the people who where there were.. shall I say, in their 60's already. I bet they are enjoying their retirement years. The lady who was teaching us was also the seller of the materials and she taught us to make cards, (refer to the photos above) and she provided us the materials which were free of charge.

It was indeed very interesting! I can't believed that I have made beautiful cards! And, here is the best thing, there was a drawing and my name was called! There were three sets of prizes and I had to pick one. I chose the glue and the adhesive roller. 

So I went home very happy bringing the three cards that I made, the prizes that I got and the brochure for me to check out.

It was a fun and great night!

Thank you for dropping by! You have a  good one!

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