Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Trying Out Contact Lenses (with Prescription)

My contact lenses trials from Avaira with cleaning solution 

At first I thought there is no way that I would be interested in wearing contact lenses because my left eye has a very bad vision, (in fact, I need a corneal transplant) and I did not want to ever touch my eyeballs especially my left eyeball. 

Eventually, I have decided to try it  anyway because of the  following reasons:

A. Eye Exam and Contact lens evaluation are free because I am an employee (I work in an eye clinic).
B.  I can get Contact Lenses at cost, refer to letter A.
C. I can wear Plano sunglasses or sunglasses w/o Rx over my contact lenses. 
D. For a change. I am kinda like tired of wearing eyeglasses already, something like that.

Anyway, my employer Dr. Fanny Chan (she has been my Eye Doctor even before I worked for her), prescribed a pair of Avaira contact lenses for me.

I am very excited already :)

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