Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Introducing My Newly Adopted Babies

Aren't they cute?

They are temporarily adopted actually. I wish I had to keep them for good though.

From left to right, meet the mother, Hazel. At the back is baby Maizy, next is Benjie and the last one is the father, Steven, "the coolest among the rest",  according to the owners.

I have no experience ever as to "dog sitting" until a newly moved Filipino family asked me to take care of their doggies because they had to fly to New York to attend a wake and a funeral of an immediate family member. And hey, I almost forgot, they would be away for 10 days. I was really hesitant at first but I wanted to help them. And I am glad I did! These doggies are so adorable! They are very smart and well-trained!

They are like a member of the family. Like babies, so to speak.They don't drink tap water, only distilled water. They have different kinds of foods and I bet they are pricey. They have small stuffed toys for them to play with when they are bored. They are just so playful doggies. Benjie loves to hop in my lap when I sit down in front of them and he wants to be petted and cuddled and kissed :D

I would surely miss them when the owners get back from New York!

Now I am thinking of buying one or maybe going to the dog shelter to adopt one. I hope hubby would love to have one too!

Thanks for reading!

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