Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Indoor Plants

Bamboo Tree- courtesy of Ate Sol

Orchids- courtesy of  Nathalie

Philodendron- courtesy of hubby

Money Tree

Pothos in water- for my table top

Baby Jade

Philodendron in water

After hubby and I moved into our new home, I started collecting plants especially indoor ones. Thanks to my friend Nathalie for the gorgeous orchids. The beauty of the orchids somehow influenced me to buy, acquire or grow more plants. 

And thanks also to Ate Sol for the Bamboo tree. I have been wanting to have one long time ago but I heard that  it's good to have one if given by a friend so I waited, hehehe!

I also have few herb plants, succulent, and outdoor plants  but I am still trying to keep them alive. My other good friend Yuny also gave me some. I hope they won't die. So far, my indoor plants are in good shape.

Anyway, I am planning to make a terrarium for my living room very soon, we'll see if I could make one. I am  already excited :)

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