Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My First DIY Project: Wall Decor Using Embroidery Hoops

Hubby and I just moved into our new home, and  we are still recovering from the big expense. I looked up on the Internet about wall decor that would not hurt my pocket. I stumbled upon this site. I liked the idea and style. It is unique and cute.

So I looked for embroidery hoops for sale from the same site but I was kinda skeptical to buy  because I did not know if that was I really wanted to do. Besides, embroidery hoops are kinda new to me. I gave it a deep thought and decided to try it. So when hubby and I went to Reno, I looked for embroidery hoops at one of the craft stores there but I did not find one so I thought to buy them online instead.

But before checking the site again,  my friend and I went to a local thrift store first (where I volunteered) and there I saw these gorgeous hoops in different sizes, very clean, and looked unused. I bought them right away. The biggest cost me $2.00, the next size was .75, the rest were .25 each. 

My next target was the cloth to use. The following week, while having lunch break at work, I drove to the same thrift store again (we have 4 thrift stores here), which is not that far from my workplace and I dug its craft room looking for some nice scrap cloth with nice prints. Then I saw pile of thick, floral printed cloth at the bottom of a big storage bin. All new. The sizes are uniform, like the size of  a standard pillow case. I think they were samples of a curtain, I didn't really know.

I only had $10.00 in my wallet. When I went to the cashier whose name is Maria, she was counting like, "1, 2, 3, 4 up to 7. So I thought a dollar each piece. In my mind, I was like, "Hmm. So I am not short of cash." Then I was shocked when she said, "The total is $1.75" with a warm smile. My mind was like, "awesome!"

So there,  I only spent $6.00 total for this project but it took me like forever before I got it done. It's all worth it though. When my friends came over to see me after the accident, they thought my wall decor is cool.

Thanks for dropping by.

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