Thursday, July 12, 2012

Benadryl Allergy is the Best!

If you are  sneezing, having itchy and watery eyes, with runny nose and itchy throat, try Benadryl Allergy that has antihistamine.

The other day, while traveling to Reno, I had everything mentioned above and I thought I would end up sleeping in bed in the hotel instead of having fun shopping household stuff with hubby. Thank God and thanks to hubby for buying the Benadryl for me. At first, I kinda didn't like the idea to just buy a medicine in a truck stop like Pilot but hubby insisted.

After the medicine kicked in, I slept for 2 hours in the car and when we got to the hotel, I hardly opened my eyes. Yup, they're gonna knock you out so be sure you are not driving when you take them (you have to take 2 tablets). I felt so much better afterwards! I did not have to take another two because I felt good already but I did take them though to make me fall asleep that night, hehehe! My bad. Don't you ever do the same! Seriously!

But really, it worked for me, I hope it works for you too.

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