Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Human Hourglass

Ioana Spangenberg (source:

"In Romania it is better to be overweight, because that means you are from a wealthy family", says a girl from Romania, Iona Spangenberg, 30, a model with a waist of just 20 inches and weighs just 6 stone or 84lbs or 32.102 kilograms. She is 5'6" tall. She said she eats a lot even fatty foods but she just can't gain weight.

I don't know why she became a model. She looks unhealthy to me. When this article was posted online, a lot of people did not believe that she was born that way. Some people wanted to see a photo of her during her teenage years, or a picture of her wearing a bikini to make sure that she is not wearing a corset.

How about you? Do you find her attractive or the other way?

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