Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Goals for 2012

1. Improve my relationship with God. 
Apart from wanting to go to church every Sunday to worship God, I also have been wanting to read the Bible before I get up from bed as my daily devotion. I wanted a guide to read a bible in a year. I'm glad I have found this site to guide me. Thank God. I hope I'm gonna make it through the year.

2.  Find a job in the mining industry.
I quit my job last year because I was not happy with it anymore. This year, I'm praying to get a job in one of the mining companies here because it pays good and the benefits like health insurance and personal time off are good too.

3.  Engage in Physical Fitness.
I have clippings and DVDs  on physical fitness for me to try but I've been too lazy to try them. I'd rather go for a walk but because it's winter time now, I can't do it. I hope to take this goal seriously this year.

4.  Get organized.
I have always had issues in organizing my documents, dresser, and my drawers. Grr.

5.  Halt Making promises.
It's very easy for me to say, "okay, I will buy one for you.. I will help you.. blah blah blah" things like that you know, but a lot of times I failed. I so don't like it.

6.  Trip to Philippines.
Hubby and I are planning to visit our teeners in May or, maybe  in December.

7. Be a volunteer.
I've always been planning to call the Senior Center, the Hospice Office, the Violence Against Women Office in town to sign up as volunteer but I just couldn't do it. Grrr. I hope I could do it very soon while I'm still jobless.

8. Learn new things- curling hair, nail polishing, putting make-up, etc.
Yup... I am not getting any younger so I need to prettify myself while I am still able to, hehehe!

9. Be an Adult Book Club member.
I love books. I read a lot.  And I want to meet people who are readers like me.

10. Hmm. I'll leave this blank :)

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