Saturday, October 15, 2011

Drinking Red Wine at Dawn

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I've been doing this "practice" of drinking red wine early in the morning between 2:00am-3:00am since I got back from the Philippines, to help me get more zzzzzs. I go to bed around 10:00pm but I get awake around 2:00am and can't go back to sleep anymore. Sigh.

I have tried different stroke to get me back to bed but to no avail. Until I tried drinking red wine which put myself kind of "drunk" but eventually put myself back to bed anyway. This really is driving me crazy. Hubby started calling me "Red Wine drinker-wife". I bet if I don't quit doing so, he might call me "drunken wife" in the near future. Ouch!

In fairness to myself, I looked it up online the benefits of drinking red wine and this is what I have found. (Thanks to

*Red wine has anti-oxidant properties
*It helps with cancer prevention
*It promotes heart health
*It helps regulate cholesterol level
*It promotes digestion.
*It helps with weight loss
*It promotes better SLEEP

I so like the last benefit! Hehehe!

For the record, I only drink half a glass of red wine every morning. I don't know why it hits me up too bad that would make me feel like the world is revolving around my head literally. Gosh!

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