Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sharon Cuneta Endorses Marie France Bodyline

The Megastar then

The Megastar now

The Megastar is the newest Marie France Bodyline endorser, yay! 

I am not an avid fan but I just can't help but sigh everytime I see her on TV in her distracting bulging body (excuse me for these harsh words.)

I remember she had an interview before, she said  doesn't dwell on cosmetic surgery like other stars do. I heard that famous Belo Medical Groups and Calayan Clinic have been wooing her but she gave them her big No, No.

Marie France Bodyline is an expert in the field of losing weight sans cosmetic surgery.

Per Showbiznest, Sharon says, "This time, I'm gonna do this steadily, not as slow as if I'm going to do it alone. No, because I know whatever treatments they have will help me speed it up. But not too quickly that my body will suffer because it's not healthy to lose weight too quick also. Take it from me." 

The Megastar is going to host "The Biggest Loser" Philippine Edition on ABS-CBN Network soon.

The losing weight session starts in July.

Go Ms. Sharon! Best of luck!

Photo courtesy of Google Images


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