Thursday, July 1, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

I can't believe that I've watched this movie sooner than I did in Twilight and New Moon. I am not a big fan of this saga but I still watched it because honestly, I didn't want to be "outdated", you know :D People at work talk much about this and I can't relate if I won't watch it. It's okey if I have read the books already but I have not. I have no plans to read them though.

I just watched this film together with my daughter Jen and two Filipina friends Emy and Rowena. We chose to watch the 5:30pm showing. We got there 15 minutes earlier and there was a long line of people outside the movie house already. While we were in the line, a staff approached and informed us that the ticket booth have been ready for Toy Story "watchers" also. People were just observing with each other. No one responded. Everyone was in line for Eclipse, lol!

When we got inside the cinema, I realized that I did not wear my glasses so my vision was kinda blurry. I just expanded my ears so that I won't miss a single word. Everyone was quiet though when the film was started rolling except a cry of a baby once in a while who is cradled safely by her teenage mom while standing in front of the huge door. Every time the baby cries, the mother  would leave right away to pacify the baby outside. They have been standing there until the film was over. I felt sorry for the baby. I bet her mom is crazy with either Edward or Jacob :D

Anyways, as expected, there have been so many "kilig'" moments in every Edward and Bella's scene with of course, a love triangle fight and a vampire thingy scene. I so liked the throwing of words between Jacob and Edward. My favorite was when Jacob told Edward, "Let's face it, I am hotter than you" in a tent scene.

Another thing that I liked most is the fight scene between The Cullens with Werewolves Vs.  Victoria with her new-born Army. It was not at all terrifying  to me anymore ( I so hate bloody scenes) maybe because I knew that Cullens are winning for sure :D 

I almost forgot to mention the proposal scene! It was cute. Oh my, the engagement ring was gorgeous!

I can't wait to see Charlie's reaction on their engagement in "The Breaking Dawn!"

All in all, the film was totally awesome!

(Credit to Emy  for paying the tickets for me and for Jen. Also credit to Rowena for the drinks. Sounds we got everything free, huh?)

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