Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Day at a Spa

My thoughtful and generous American friend Brenda gave me a Spa Gift Certificate of one of the local beauty salons here during my birthday. It took 5 months before I called for an appointment (the certificate has to expire in March).

The place was kind of small but nice. I was ushered to a small but cozy room. It was clean and neat. It has a reclining bed with white sheets, a kind of a white blanket, a white gown and a registration paper with pen in it. An instrumental music was played. The attendant told me to get myself comfortable, fill-out the first page of the registration form, take off my upper outfit, and to put on the white robe. I saw a sign "Dermalogica" in the upper part of the wall. I thought it was the brand of the facial products to be used. I was right.

She asked me quite a few questions about my skin. But the first question was, “Are you an Indian?” Ahem.
Anyways, some of the questions were :

Do you have skin allergy?
Do you have sinusitis?
Are you taking medicines or vitamins at this time?
Do you have some kind of a metal in your body?
Have you underwent into cosmetic surgery?
Is your tolerance high, low or medium?
Are you suffering from stress?
How often do you get pimples?

After I answered all questions, she checked my skin thoroughly using a kind of microscopic thing. Then she recommended a Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment to purify my skin and pores, and to encourage cell regeneration, something to that effect.

Firstly, she put some ylang-ylang oil on my arms, on my palms and on my fingers then massages them lightly. Afterwards, she put on plastic cellophane on my hands and put them inside a warm rubber thingy which I can’t describe, to keep my hands warm.

Secondly, she put some massaging oil on my décolleté, which is a part of body from the shoulder to the chest and to the neck and massage them. It felt really good and relaxing. In the Philippines, I only get massage on my face alone. Maybe they will charge more if they will include the décolleté. Whatever.

Thirdly, she started to massage my face, put some creams I didn’t get to see because my eyes were covered but I like their smell though. I had forty winks so I didn’t know what else she put in my face. I was back to the world when she began to touch my blackheads and whiteheads. It was painful but tolerable.

Lastly, it felt so soothing and calming when she put warm cloth on my face twice to take off the creams and other stuff that she put on my face and when she took the warm rubber off my hands.

I felt so perfectly rejuvenated and stressed-free afterwards.

Thanks Brenda!

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