Monday, February 1, 2010

American Football Mania!

Football game is famous here in the United States. The Americans are crazy as much as Filipinos do with Basketball. There are three major forms in this sport but for me, the Professional football which is handled by NFL is the most popular.

The football season starts during fall and ends by the second week of February. In the hotel where I work, there are five huge TV screens for customer’s viewing and of course you have to order drinks or foods or you have to bet for your favorite team for you to get a seat and be there early or else you will end up standing.

I started to get interested with this stuff when one day, hubby asked for a clean old cloth or towel to be used after he is done washing his dear sister’s car. I found a kind of an old towel with red prints from our closet and I gave it to him. I was surprised to his reaction when he saw what I just handed to him. His reaction was, “Oh my God Mahal, not this towel please! And I was like, “Hello, you wanted an old towel and this is the only one I’ve got, what’s the fuss?” My sister-in-law was laughing. She said that the towel has a sentimental value for my husband because it has “Redskins” printed on it. And my reaction was, “Okay fine, whatever…” I found out that Redskins is the name of the football team of Washington State. Later on, I learned that my good friend Brenda and her husband, Steve are fans of Cowboys, the team of Texas. Redskins and Cowboys are always playing against each other so every time Redskins lost the game or the other way, hubby has always something to say to Brenda. Last Christmas 2008, Brenda gave my hubby a Cowboys sticker for his car but he never used it. Brenda just laughed about it, she knew that my husband won’t use it, she was only teasing him.

I was hired in the middle of the football season the other year so I eventually learned the different teams such as Vikings- is the team of Minnesota State, Jets and Giants teams are both from New York, Saints is New Orleans’s team, Colts is from Indianapolis’s State, among others. Since employees in my workplace are allowed to wear football jerseys to support their teams during Sundays and Mondays, I was able to learn their favorite teams. And I noticed that mostly are Cowboy’s fans.

Last Christmas, I gave fleece blanket to hubby, Redskins fleece  as my Christmas present and he was so happy. He wanted to use it as a d├ęcor in the living room and I said “No” because I’d rather put it in our car to warm us incase of emergency during our future travel especially during winter time.

Anyways, I was kind of shocked at the desk to see the incoming casino cashier bringing a purple- colored funeral wreath with her. The first thing that came up on my mind was that someone, perhaps her lady boss’s family member passed away (knock on wood). But she looked happy though when she approached me and requested to hide the wreath because her boss is not coming until 8:00am at it was still 6:00am. It says in the wreath “RIP Cowboys”. And I said “Holy Cow!” Ha-ha! Then after a while I saw the vault cashier wearing a striking violet-colored blouse, I bet she was going to tease her boss too, haha! When the Cowboys lost, hubby was imagining the reaction of the fans while watching the game. He said that they have always been too loud and ecstatic every time they cheered to their team.

Well, the final game or they call it “Superbowl” is fast approaching. Good luck to the remaining teams!

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