Saturday, October 11, 2008

It Snowed Here Today!

It’s like a dream come true to me.

Wooow! I got to see the snowflakes fell and got to touch the snow on the ground here for the first time! I have seen this only in movies! When we got here in US last April, I got to touch a “leftover” snow along the road going to Round Mountain but the feeling today was quite different.

I woke up around 6am today and it was still dark outside. Hubby came home around 7:00am and he told me that it snowed last night. I thought he was just kidding me. I went back to bed and curled up to keep me warm while waiting for Brenda since we agreed to walk at 8:30am on Fridays and Saturdays.

I woke up again around 8:15 then I noticed that our room seemed bright. When I peeked at the window blinds, I was really surprised! Oh My GOD! The yard was covered with snow! And when I looked up at the neighbor’s roof, it was also covered with snow! I ran towards the living room shouting to Jen and Jun about what I saw and they were laughing at me, they said I was too late because they already saw it and enjoyed the scene earlier. Oh gosh, I was late!

Anyways, Brenda came and we headed for a walk. I wore 3 layers of thick jogging pants aside from my warm wear and I wore 3 layers of sweater with hood, a bonnet and a thick gloves. Brenda wore same stuff too. We looked like Ninjas. Well, gorgeous ninjas! Ahem!

While walking, I got to appreciate the wonders created by God. Everything was white, the roofs, the yards, the trees and the flowers. The cars that parked outside got snowed too. Everything looked white, bright, pretty and amazing! The wind blew way too cold! Brrrrrr! I felt like I was a child taking off my gloves once in awhile and touching the snow in a car, in a plant and even in a fence! I scraped snow in a parked car and made a snowball and I played with them in my hands. I embraced the cold air, I laughed and I really enjoyed the beauty around me! I got really crazy! Brenda and I laughed together! She was happy to see me laughing and playing with the snow. She said I have not seen the whole scene on winter yet and wait until snow is 2- inch thick from the ground! Well, I don’t think I can still survive to walk when that time comes, yikes!

While exposed to the cold environment, I got runny nose and I was already shaking. And I thought to walk backwards to get rid of the cold wind that blew on my cheek, hehehe! But I was wondering how the ants, the rabbits and other animals and insects have survived in cold weather like this. I could not imagine!

Brenda said that according to the advanced weather forecast, it would be warmer tomorrow so there will be no snow. She added that it got snowed earlier this time, it is usually get snowed here only after Halloween so maybe we will have a bad winter days ahead.

Well, we will see. I cannot wait to see more snow in the next coming days!

I wished my family and friends in the Philippines will experience this! They will surely appreciate this wonderful thing on the other side of the earth that God had created!

God Bless everyone!

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