Friday, September 5, 2008

I am Back to School Again!

Last Tuesday, September 2, my teeners and I have registered/enrolled in an ESL (English as a Second Language) Class in a Community College here. It is absolutely free. This program is run by the College School but is funded by the government.

Hubby was at work so Jen drove the car going to school. We were all scared because her driving was illegal since she only has an Instruction Permit- no Driver's License. We were hoping no police car in the vicinity! We thanked God that we got to the parking lot safely.

Nathalie waited for us outside trembling and shaking because of the cold wind blowing in her skin. We hurriedly went inside the school to get rid of the cold air outside, brrrr!

Anyways, when we got inside the classroom, there were already 3 people ahead of us and I thought they were Mexicans. Teachers were inside too. They were very nice and accommodating. One of them gave us forms to be filled out and she helped us in doing it. We kept on grinning because we felt like we were 1st graders J we were asked on our educational attainment, on how did we learn English words (from home or school?) and how did we know about ESL programs, etc.

Afterwards, one of the teachers gave us information on the whole ESL Program through Power Point presentation and we liked her because she was funny and enthusiastic.

I have learned that the ESL program is open to all, not only for foreigners like us but also for native Americans who want to improve their English, who wants to learn about Basic Computer, Mathematics, Key Boarding, Grammar, Phonics, etc. Woow. I was impressed! This is one thing that I like being here in the US. Hmmm.

And I forgot to mention, they also have subject about Immigration and Citizenship and even DMV Written Test Review!

We were given series of tests for them to know our level of knowledge and they were impressed on the result of the tests. We passed the tests with flying colors, yeheey! :)

They had coffee and cake for FREE inside the classroom. I was wondering why they are free. I heard that one of the teachers baked the cake. We did not eat our breakfast so we took a slice of cake and tried the mocha-flavored coffee. The room is "air-conditioned" and we ran outside and exposed ourselves under the heat of the sun to keep us warm, while eating the cake and sipping the coffee, hehehehe!

Everything was done before 12:00 noon and they allowed us to go home and told us to come back on Monday.

Jun drove the car going back home and Nath was with us that time. When we finally got back home safely, we felt relieved, whew!

The regular class will start on Monday and we are already excited about it. Hubby would have his 7-day off so he would drive us to and fro. And we would be safe by then!

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