Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One Fine Afternoon in the Water Canyon

Ate Sol, one of the Pinays here, called me yesterday to go walking with co-Filipinos Lloyd and Nikki. I was excited. After hybernating for 5 months in the winter time, I thought it's about time to sweat it out. It was not an ordinary walking we did. And I did not expect it. Ate Sol was so brave to hike or climb up the hill. That challenged me anyhow, hehehe!

After 2 hours of walking, hiking and climbing, I feel like I've been beaten up by 10 people. Oh my goodness, that was so dead tiring. But it was all worth it.

Sharing the photos I took while I was catching my breath :)

we parked our car in this area from across the campers

they walk too fast!

people having picnic

rest room-there were 3 of them along the way

the water in the creek is very cold

the towering trees

Lloyd and Nikki

image of vandalism

oops.. hubby Rich might have been here before, lol!

view from the top

Lloyd and Nikki at the top of the rocks

we are exhausted, hehehe!

feeling triumphant :)

a nice pose with Ate Sol :)

the hard part- going down from the hill

I wanna come back to this place again

We are planning to come back in 2 weeks for a camping activity. I hope it's going to happen. I am already excited, hehehe!

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