Monday, April 9, 2012

10 Lessons We Can Learn from KC Concepcion

I would like to share these things that we can learn from KC Concepcion courtesy of FN website. She just celebrated her 27th year of her existence last Saturday, April 7th.

KC Concepcion

 1. Keep your family close-  They are always there for us whatever happens.
 2. Think positive-  Don't get discouraged right away when something is gone wrong.
 3. Enjoy being inlove-  Tell the world that you are in love and happy.
 4. Accept when enough is enough-  Know how to say, "I can't handle it anymore!"
 5. Welcome change-  Be open to change.
 6. Don't hurry love-  Heal the wound first and enjoy being single again.
 7. Make time for fitness- Exercise regularly.
 8. Channel your negative energy-  Be always inspired
 9. Be thankful for what you have-  Count your blessings
10.Give back-  Help others

Hmm. I must admit that many times I forgot to be thankful for what I have.

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