Sunday, January 22, 2012

One Answered Prayer

GOD is good all the time!

I've been going to this particular church since the day my teeners and I chose it. I mean, my teeners and I decided to go for this certain church after attending more or less 5 different churches here in the United States. Actually, my American friend Brenda chose it too. But eventually she quit going there and when I talked to her she said she had found a different church.

After a long time, I decided to attend a membership class. After the class, I felt like there was something that quite bothered me. I prayed. I decided to observe more. After 2 weeks, the Pastor quit because he and his family are moving to Texas. His last Sunday was the 8th of January. I was not surprised because people here come and go as they please.

The resignation of the Pastor somehow gave me an idea to look for a different church. I prayed that I could find another church. I thought to go to where Brenda goes yet I was skeptical. Last Saturday, January 14, someone knocked on my door and when I opened it,  I saw a mother carrying her 2 sons while handing out an invitation card. I took the card, smiled and said "thank you". The card was from the Lighthouse Baptist Church. I have never been to this church. I told hubby about it and we agreed to visit the church the next day.

So hubby and I went to Lighthouse Baptist Church,Sunday, January 15. I was very thankful and grateful having us there. I don't want to put it into details but the church is the American version of the Bible Baptist Church back in the Philippines where my kids and I are members.  I have finally found the right church for me. Thank God!

When I went there this morning, (hubby had to sleep because he is working night shift),  I found out that  the church is going to have an International Fellowship Supper on February 5th after the Evening Service so I signed up to bring Filipino dish and dessert. Can't wait for that day!

God indeed answers prayer!

Thanks for dropping by!

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