Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Poor Son :(

I panicked when my cousin Carol informed me via facebook that my precious son was rushed to the hospital (Dec. 9, 2011 at 7:00pm)  because of high fever. I wanted to call my husband at work but I didn't want to worry him so I decided to wait for him until he gets home.

Being away from my children, my number one fear is to receive bad news like this. Sigh. Hubby was speechless for a second when I told him about what happened to our son. He was very worried.

When I talked to my son over the phone, he sound tired but he said he's okay. He said his platelet count was in normal range but he was dehydrated so the doctor advised him to drink plenty of water which he obeyed. Based on the result of his urine test and blood test, my son is suffering from viral infection which would lead to Dengue fever. My mind went morbid. I remembered my nephew's death caused by Dengue. I remembered my daughter who have fought Dengue two years ago. And I remembered the news on TFC about thousands of people died of Dengue in the Philippines. Oh, my Lord God.

I am wondering where did my son got bit by a mosquito. I thought maybe from mosquitoes found in the drainage canal by the gate of the apartment. My daughter explained it to me that the Department of Health or DOH says that there are three sources of mosquitoes that cause Dengue: Moquitoes from septic tanks, fresh water, and from drainage canals, so we couldn't tell where did her brother got bit.

Right now, my son is still in the hospital. Last night, his platelet count went down a little bit but nothing to worry because it is still in the normal range. So he's been closely monitored by the nurses and his doctor. The doctor, Dr. Cecilia C. Fuentes,  is going to decide today if my son can check out anytime soon. Hopefully. By God's grace.

Please help us God. Thank you.

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