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Comments/Reactions from the People Re: Pacquiao's Victory over Juan Manuel Marquez

Undisputed Champion (?)

I did not watch the full fight because I was very nervous so I stayed in the room watching TFC's "Maalaala Mo Kaya" instead, while hubby and my Filipino friends with their respective husbands are watching in the living room.

My friends Emy and Lloyd were not that satisfied that Pacquiao won which left me wondering so I looked it up on the Internet  for people's reaction. Here's what I have got courtesy of Facebook and

chiqmom: "He won but we all know marquez played better. i dont know how the game of boxing works. I am for manny pero sa game na yun, obvious naman na lamang si marquez."

kutingpie: "Congrats Manny but honestly, sa lahat ng laban mo, panget ang performance mo, akala ko din matatalo, grabe."

gorgeous_mommie: "Boooooo.... great news panalo pakyaw.. pero marquez deserves to win!!! imo (in my own opinon) 

devilsfoodcake: "imo, it wasn't well-deserved. i wasn't impressed with his performance"
aquacharly: "Pakyaw is being booed. Lol, ang tagal bago nag dawn kay Jinkee nanalo husband nya." 

a.k.a Helga: "Do I smell another re-match?? All the same, Congrats Manny! Nakakalungkot lang kasi this is the first time na na booed siya. Na not all audience believed he deserved to win."
 Yeyel20: "marquez should have won, but he's not really an exciting boxer just a counter puncher, madaming mawawalan ng kita kung matalo si pacquaio. everyone wants the pacquiao-mayweather to happen.  wait nanaman tayo sa mga snide remarks from mayweather about the game. as much as i wanted pacquiao to win, it didn't feel right this time"

RedPetals: "Sana kasi tumigil na sya sa kaka-boxing. Yan tuloy.. may nag question na ng credibility nya on this game. Nakuw! kaka-lungkot naman na may bahid na nang "daya" ang pangalan ni Manny. tsk, tsk! Kunsabagay, pinag aralan nga talaga ni Marquez for soooo long ang mga "da moves" ni Manny and it paid very well."
klyeilei: "congrats manny i thought marquez will win siguro lang naging over confident ka sa larong ito."

freeswan: "congrats to him but for me, Marquez is the man. i will be more proud if he lost this. i was kinda expecting kahit man lang draw. pero oh well... even Pinoys are not proud of his win. too bad. and he got boo's from pinoys. and eto pa, on his way to the dressing room, tinapunan siya ng popcorn box. my god...."

izabelle: "still congrats manny.. but marquez earns my respect." 

Snowball: "Ganyan din sabi ng husband ko paguwi galing panonood, nadaya daw si Marquez, kadududa duda daw pagkapanalo ni Manny, kasi ang dami daw tama ni Manny, kaya dapat daw si Marquez ang nanalo. 

Coming from a fan of Manny, makes me think, hindi talaga dapat si Manny and nanalo sa laban kanina" 

 justin3: ... "you have to accept it mga sis.
sa akin lang ha?... bad for business rin kasi yan sa boxing world kung nanalo ang challenger na di naman masyadong "convincing" ang pagpanalo."

in fairness kay Pacman, tumatama naman sya. di naman nabasag ang mukha nya nor natumba sya caused by solid hit. at si Marquez?... nako! he knows Pacman very well. dream come true nya kaya talaga na makalaban uli si Pacman. if you could remember, pumunta pa sya ng Gensan para maghamon ng rematch nun. talagang pinag-aralan nya si Pacman, sinundan nya lahat ng fights, and he prepared "very well"...
rjaye_2000:  "in my opinion di masyado maganda laban. kulang sa action. probably distracted ng konti si pacquiao for some reason. advantage din talaga na champion siya."
Rommel Busico: "Manny won the fight, two reason why he won first, he fight aggressively, he attacked JMM, he throw a lot's of solid punch, and the 2nd is he the defending champion, JMM should knocked down manny or binugnug nya ng todo. That's the advantage of the champion. Counter ng counter Lang cya, di niya kaya patumbahin c manny. Normal yan sa big fight."

Edwin Quismundo: "On second thought, pulitiko na nga pala si Manny. I can't wait to see him proudly say he won the fight, just like a seasoned politician. 

This time my guts, well heart, goes to Marquez. He is the better boxer. Somebody has to tell Pacquiao to quit politics and showbusiness and be the great fighter which he is. This was another suspension of disbelief verdict on one hand and on the other, you can hear it loud and clear between the lines of Bob Arum's pronouncement right after the fight. It was a decision made to make way for the biggest pay-per-view on television- Pacquiao-Marquez in May. Well, that's real life. Everything in the name of money... But not me, and my family here who watched the fight together. And all Filipinos who booed the decision. Marquez was and is the better boxer..."

Jefferson Ontua:"Congrats, Manny "pacman" Paquiao. You did it again .:))

lenniemarie: "Abi nko mapilde c pacman..nidaog raman diay.marquez wasn't happy with the result." 

lei nonol bonotan: " «confused» pacquiao's winning..«disappointed» duh m his big fan..sighhhh."


Aileen Mejia Buladaco: "Pacman-Marquez fight ended in such controversy!....."

Bechay (Me): ***Because I did not see the full fight** I'd rather say, I like the way how Maria Aragon sang the Philippine National Anthem :) And I have a message for Jinkee Pacquiao, "Ms. Jinkee ayaw na palabi ug paretoke kay basin ug dili na mi kaila sa imo, gwapa na baya ka daan " :)

Hubby: "I was expecting a draw."

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