Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Shopping Experience

Photos source: Mr. Google Images

My friend Emy and I went to Walmart Store (the only big store in Winnemuca) around 9:30pm last Thursday night because the big sale for DVD's, toys, RTW's for adult and children and other stuff except electronics supposedly starts at 10:00pm. The big sale for electronics starts at 12:00 midnight.

It was my first time and I planned to bring my camera to take photos but unfortunately, I forgot it to bring it. Darn it. Anyway, there was no long line outside the store like what is shown in the photo above. People were all gathered inside the store patiently waiting for the time before they could grab what they want to buy. I saw piles of  stocks that were wrapped in black cellophane. Those were supposedly the stuff for Black Friday Sale. Yup, not everything in the store are included in the big sale. Two days earlier, brochures had been distributed already so that customers will have an idea what stuff are on sale for the big day. So 99% of the people inside the store knew already what they are going to buy and they were standing closer to the stuff with their carts for easy grabbing.

I did not have something in mind to buy so does Emy, when we entered the store. We agreed to go there just to look around and see if there are stuff that we are going to like then we will buy them, something like that. We bumped Ate Cecilia and her American husband inside the store. Her husband jokingly asked us, "Did you two also come here to observe these stupid people?" His eyes were looking at those people seriously pushing their carts trying to get ahead in the line. We laughed.

At 10:00 o'clock sharp, people here, there, every corner and, everywhere in the store- started to get crazy grabbing this and grabbing that. A lot of people did not get a cart so their hands were full but still looking for more. We bumped Amber, an acquaintance, she told us "This is crazy!"  while pushing her cart towards another toy. We smiled at her as a reply. Inside her  cart was a big box of a pretty doll. I heard someone saying, "Hey, I want this!" then I heard someone replied, "I've got four of that in our cart already, we don't need one anymore!" There was a man who succeeded to grab a big box of TV, put it to his cart and said, "Got it, yes!" What a chaotic scene!

We saw few things that we like while roaming around but because of the long line in the check-out counter, we decided to just leave them but we agreed to come back later when there is no chaos anymore.

I got too lazy later that day so I stayed home. Emy called to inform me that she was in the store and that there were still a lot of stuff left. Hubby asked me if I want to go to the store but I declined. I decided to wait and see online on Monday, the Cyber Monday Shopping Day.


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