Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reminiscing (Part2)

Video courtesy of YouTube

Reminiscing about our past somehow makes us realized how crazy we were back then and laugh it off afterwards.

I got married too early and became a single mom too early as well, and I supposed to say, the failed marriage was not that really bad because of one good reason: I had nice parents-in-law. They've treated me like their own daughter.

Anyway, as a broken-hearted girl, "Foolish Beat" by Debbie Gibson have became my favorite song. It was like a last song syndrome for me, geez!

Now, while reminiscing those mixed feelings of regrets and hatred with matching thoughts of ending my own life (by cutting my wrist with gillette blade), I realized I was that foolish! Thank God I did not do it! Otherwise, I would have been gone to hell forever. Finding my hubby who is my greatest love is the best thing that ever happened. Because of him, all my heartaches vanished.

Hmm. I say, I was "Foolish Beth" back then, lol!


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