Monday, January 31, 2011

KC Concepcion Visits Uganda for United Nation Mission

Actress-TV Host and Phillipines Ambassador of United Nation's World Food Program (WFP) KC Concepcion has just got back from her 5-day Mission in Uganda.

She said that what she experienced in Uganda really taught her so many things and that also changed her perspective about life.

"Parang, you see na there are things na you don't see off-hand when you are there, and you go back to your world, hindi ba? Plus, you're in entertainment so everything is presented beautifully, striving for perfection, the glitz and the glamour, the luxury bags, the light, the audience and then you remember this quiet arid place under the hot sun with people you've never seen or met before."

"And you will remember their stories: 'Oh, you know, my sister was killed getting these fruits four months ago so we don't have anything to eat right now so we are eating the fruit peel of the fruit she died getting for us.'.. I mean, if you hear stories like that, kapag nagiging totoo siya, iba na ang pakiramdam talaga kasi no matter where you are or what happens kung sino ang kausap mo or anuman ang sabihin sa iyo, you will always know na there's a corner in the world that exists na ganoon and it's either in our daily lives. We forget that these things exist or we just never knew they did," KC said in a press conference on Wednesday, January 26, 2011.

Uganda is one of the most depressed countries in Africa which has been caused by two decades of peace and order conflict and by climate change problems.

I consider her as a lucky person for having given a chance to reach out other people even in a very risky way. If given a chance, I would also do the same because like her, I love to do social work too.

Below are pics that I've found via Google Images.

To Ms. KC Concepcion: I salute you  for being  a brave and a kind-hearted fellow. More power!

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