Thursday, August 20, 2009

What a Night!

It was one of those nights at work.

People showed up in the front desk wanting a room for the night. But we are sold out. All rooms were filled up. No vacancy. Phones were ringing for the same queries. I always tell the callers the same answer. Some would answer "thank you" and some would ask "any recommendations? We need to stay for the night, we are dead tired". And I always tell them, "Sir, try the smaller hotels or motels" or "Sir I just called all hotels here and they said they don't have vacant rooms no more". Some people would ask me to call motels to inquire and I am always willing to do it for them though I am pretty sure that even motels are also filled up almost every night during summertime. A lot of them would ask, "What's going on in this town? Why all hotels are filled up?''. July 29 was a lot busier because we hosted a big event called "Superior Livestock Auction". Big time people are coming from neighboring States like Utah, Texas, Idaho and California for this event so all Casinos were busy too.

It was around 12:01 midnight when the phone was ringing again. As usual I picked it up and said "Thank you for calling the W....*** this is Beth, how can I help you?" I heard a guy's voice on the other line that said "There is a bomb in Room 101". And I was shocked for a second and said, "Sir?" And the line went dead.

I was terrified and I informed the Manager on Duty right away. We realized that we don't have Room 101 but still it scared us. It happened that it was the time for a shift on MOD (Manager on Duty) so the outgoing and incoming Managers searched every place in the hotel after they called the Police Authority. Luckily, there was no bomb found.

I was kind of trembling that time and my hands were cold. A Policeman called and informed us that the man was already apprehended. And I was amazed. How did they find the culprit out that easy? Another Policeman came to the hotel and handed me a Police Report Form to fill out. There I wrote my name, address, SSS Number, other personal circumstances and my statement on what was exactly the guy told me over the phone. He said a Bomb Threat case will be filed against the caller and I might be called to appear in the court as witness to that sort. Waaah!!!

The following night, someone shared about what really happened. The culprit was not smart enough to do such a thing. Policemen were already eyeing on him because they already knew his plan. Apparently, the culprit shared it to one of his friends that he’s gonna rob one of the Casinos in town and that he is gonna call one of the Casinos about a bomb something like that and when the Policemen were busy finding the bomb, he will go to the other Casino and rob it or “hold-up” it in our term. This is one of the stupid robbery plans I ever heard. Well, maybe he thought that the Policemen are as stupid as him. Ahahahaha!

After 2 weeks, while doing my usual night audit in the front desk, the same Policeman who got my statement emerged from the door. He smiled and handed me a document and had me signed it. It was the Subpoena from the District Attorney’s Office. Whew! Part of it says “WE COMMAND YOU, that all singular, business and excuses being set aside, you appear at the above-entitled court, at the courtroom…. Etc… to testify on the part of the…. And for failure to attend you will be deemed guilty of Contempt of Court in accordance with…. Etc. I was terrified. I wished the hearing wouldn’t push through. I couldn’t imagine myself inside the US courtroom to stand as witness! No…! I called the District Attorney’s Office and asked if the schedule of the hearing has not been changed and the staff said, “It has not been changed”. I was frustrated upon hearing it. I wished it wouldn’t be push through…. I wished… wished…! The day before the hearing, around 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon, I got a call from the DA informing me that the schedule of the hearing has been changed and that they will notify me if a new schedule will be made. Yipeeeeee! I jumped and screamed! Yes! Yes! Yes! And hubby thought I was silly when he saw me acting like crazy.

I haven’t heard anything since then about it so I am hoping now that the case was kind of “negotiated” already. Hopefully.

Help me God.

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