Thursday, March 5, 2009

February happenings

Gosh, February just passed by and I haven't even noticed it!

And for the past two months I only had one blog posted each! I blamed it to my night time job. Imagine, before I got this job, I had posted more than five blogs a month but now I couldn't even post two! Grrrrr! I just hope to make it up this month.

Anyways, February is already a history. But right now, as I am trying to reminisce what was life has been that month, I remember few things.

My family and I together with my friend Nathalie and her family went to the fabulous Las Vegas. We went to the famous Filipino store called "The Seafood City". There were sooo many Filipinos there and Nath and I got to chit-chat with some of them while shopping.

Although we were not able to roam around town especially in "The Strip", at least we were able to witness the gig of my stepson which was held in one of the fancy hotels in town. When I was still back home, hubby sent me link of videos in you tube every time my stepson has gigs. I never thought that I would get to see him as a lead guitarist with wig and make-up. Of course, I met him already in person as a stepson, a new friend and a pilot but I couldn't believed that I was there as one of the crowd. When he came to our table, he asked me "Are you having fun?" and I answered "Yes, but you are so ugly when you wear make-up" with matching grin. We had few pics together with him and nath and his daddy. He introduced me and his dad to the vocalist and the latter frowned when he addressed me as "My mom". And I heard the guy said afterwards "Really???" Whatever, hehehe!

My hubby and I are proud of him. Here is the link if you want to watch :

Valentine's Day: It happened that it was my day off so we went to Reno and spent the night in "The CircusCircus Hotel". The kids enjoyed the games and the circus show itself. Hubby gave me a heart-shaped box full of chocolates, a huge card with the message "To the Wonderful Woman I Married" and a bouquet of red roses. That made my day then.

Aside from the wonderful things that happened above, the rest I mostly spent in bed during day time trying to get sleep. There were times that I wanted to scream and cry because I couldn't get myself to sleep even I took sleeping pills. And there was one time that I took pills more than prescribed, I felt like I was floating in the air. My mind wanted to wake up but my body didn't cooperate. I was like a zombie walking while trying to open my eyes. And I promised since then that I wouldnt take sleepings pills anymore. Lesson learned.

Hmmm... I am thinking right now what else that I have been into...

Thanks for dropping by at my page. Keep going!

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