Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wowowee on TFC Today

I really enjoyed watching Wowowee on TFC today! The players of the Wheel of Fortune segment are all spouses of foreigners. I could relate to it!

I was expecting that mostly of the players have met their spouses online or in a dating site in the internet like my case. I was totally wrong.

The first player is Maria. She is a single mom. She met her British husband in Silverworks store where she worked as salesclerk. The guy was having a vacation in the Philippines after his painful divorce that time and he found her. Maria is thankful to her husband because he takes care of her and he treats her son as his own child. They looked very happy.

The second player is Cecilia. She is chubby. She met her Turkish husband in Japan when she worked there as an entertainer. They are now settled in the Philippines and her husband is a driver/operator of a jeepney in their province. Their problem is communication. She cannot understand and speak Turkish language and her hubby hardly understand and speak English also although he is trying hard to learn Tagalog. Sometimes they speak Niponggo or Japanese language when they talk. Confusing.

The third player is Grace. She met her Canadian hubby in Malaysia when she worked there as Lounge Singer. The first time the guy saw her, he has not stopped seeing her since then. He is a pilot trainee now and he wants to settle down in the Philippines for good. They already have 2 kids.

I forgot the name of the fourth player. I'm sorry. Anyway, she met her German husband in Hongkong when she worked there as Domestic Helper. Her husband confessed that he is an avid fan of Pokwang, hehehe! Pokwang gave him a hug and a kiss in the cheek.

Speaking of Pokwang, she confessed that she got a foreigner partner when she worked in Japan before but the relationship did not last. She considered her lovelife unlucky but she jokingly blurted, "But it's good that I have allot of money now!". Good for her.

There are still 2 more players left.

I was surprised when the name of the next player was called. Manny. Musculine. I thought no ordinary Pinoy man can afford to marry a foreigner. Well, I was again wrong. Manny is a guy from Leyte who is married to an American lady from Washington. He met her in a Karaoke Bar. They were the only ones left in the bar before closing time and they found each other so in-love. In fairness, the girl can speak Cebuano! Apart from that, she's got a good voice when she sang a Mexican song while Manny danced at the same time.

The last player is Benjie from Bulacan. He met his Brazilian wife in the internet. Hmmm. Sounds familiar! Hehehehe! When the pretty Brazilian went to Palawan for a vacation with her sister, Benjie went there to meet her. She stayed and they got married. She is pregnant now. And she can speak Tagalog and Visayan too! They rendered duet singing Willie Revillame's "Ako'y Para Sa'yo" and the girl really knew the song! I was really impressed! Bravo!

As expected, the lady foreigners are a way taller than our guys. Geez!

I am glad that hubby subscribed The Filipino Channel or TFC. I heard al lot about it when I was still in the Philippines and I am happy to be one of its subscribers now. It keeps me updated and I could always watch my fave programs especially Wowowee!

Thank you TFC! More power!

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